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The Oxford Outlaw Matt Reardon started Outlawed Productions in 2020 to Co-Own and Produce his true life story, heroic hard counter stand, and waged war on public corruption.

He clung to the name with a grin and smirk. Rather it may have been the name that clung to him. His life completely destroyed in a moments notice due to nothing but lies and the planned out conspiracy of others, political adversaries. A knowingly false accusation made which made zero sense and was an impossibility to commit had done all of this. A false accusation alone imprisoning this patriotic US Marine Corps Veteran for 6-weeks time during the election and swearing in of a female socialist mayor prior to them and his corrupt defense attorney going straight for the jugular in fully disarming him, him from the city and county, and him having to sign a covenant to not sue, otherwise known as an indemnity clause or hold harmless clause.

They knew full well that the only way to force his hand into submission to them was to use time and his daughter being held away to create just the right scenario, the perfect storm for them, to increase the pressure and duress in order to push him into signing a covenant to not sue the city and the county including all officials and employees, the sheriff (late) including his deputies, and his accusers Todd and Ashley Lynch. At this point all of his rights were laid to rest along with the due process rights of the accused he was never afforded.


Wild West Justice made its way to North Mississippi by way of the good ole boy system with a “progressive political agenda” After being down to the wire with time on the statute of limitations and not having an attorney, Reardon took on what was likely an impossibility and most likely a suicide mission. Him, one man and not even an attorney in sight, fighting against the corrupt parts of the State and federal government, with it at times seeming like no end is in sight and the extremely disproportionate and damaged battleground of the courts themselves.

He used their own weapon, the courts, to fight back in seeking vindication and full restoration of his life. and his articulate ability, attention to details, and employing the use of guerilla journalism to clearly project not only his innocence, but the ones who played a corrupt hand in likely the largest organized conspiracy web to rock the state of Mississippi that interwove itself into all three branches of Government. Not just that, but the most intriguing and intricate twist of this particular scandal was the enjoined assistance of federal officials and employees “Assisting” State of Mississippi Officials and Employees along with certain private citizens by turning a blind eye and allowing it to happen. And if that is not the worst nightmare ever, imagine nobody listening or caring with your ability to communicate through communication channels you had before completely severed. To lose the majority of your social media accounts and unable to get a new account and not provided any reason for such whatsoever. Absolute stupidity headlined daily with each station and publication, yet a false charge levied against a marine corps veteran who pledged a lifelong oath to his country and government to protect and defend against the very things he is witnessing now. A Government that would demonstrate all signs of one self-defeating of itself in this gigantic, cooked conspiracy that chose to further weaponize itself which was what created a story that is continuing to be written. A story that won’t go away based on an on-going long-term war waged on the first amendment which the blame can directly be placed on the certain high influencing puppeteers. Most of all, however, the mainstream media to act as a filter to what information “the establishment” wants you to know. To censor, ban, or silence anything that does not 100% go hand in hand with their socialist/communist ideology. 


A hypocritical society usurping of the power delegated to them through trust given from the citizens themselves. Then figuratively turning the gun around in an entitled and supported way on innocent citizens, good people themselves, and forever destroying the public trust of the office they hold. Riding With The Outlaw is the product, the end result of Outlawed Productions. And OutlawNews is the Brain Child of the still ongoing Documentary, Riding With The Outlaw. A way of feeding the beast through exposing corrupt state actors and the mainstream media acting in corrupt and unscrupulous ways. And exposing them the election scandal involving Robyn Tannehill whom is running for re-election despite her first 4-years definitely being fraudulent and illegitimate, and deserving of a trial and day in court. So be it if I have to submit a federal complaint to block it. Tannehill came into office through the commission of crimes and conspiracy, and in doing so has committed the crime of Treason!

And it is by way of journalism, reporting, and the courts that I am reporting it and holding this elected official accountable along with all others whom play a complicit role in this disgusting crime against humanity. Tannehill should be forever barred from holding a position of public integrity to include any public office for the state or federal government.